KISS + MESSENGER = KISSENGER, the world’s first real kiss transfer device

If you are like us, you will know the pains of a long distance relationship. Texting, calling, even video chatting are the tools we are now using to keep in touch with our loved ones across the globe.

Ironically, “keeping in touch”, was lacking the element of Touch itself!

Both the co-founders of Kissengers were inspired by this gap and decided to do something about it, since we have been flying from country to country for almost 2 decades, something not uncommon in the year 2014.

This is not just an app.Β 

This is the world’s first true kiss transfer device which can be made available at a realistic price and will give you an additional dimension in your video conference experience with your loved one. - Kissenger Founders

Check out the video and website for the Kissenger!